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When you recover your lost pet, or a found dog is reunited with its owner, please notify us at or 503-655-8628.

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For the sake of the dogs and their owners, our goal is to return lost dogs to their owners as soon as possible. In addition, our shelter space and resources are limited. The dogs in our care are stray or homeless, and we know very little about their background or true temperament. The information provided is based on our observations of their behavior at the shelter.

Do you see your dog?

If you are the owner of a lost dog on this page, call us at 503-655-8628. The length of time we can hold a stray dog depends on whether the dog is licensed, has a microchip and if we are able to contact the owner. If you fail to reclaim your dog, you will lose ownership after the stray holding period ends and we will work to find the dog a new home.

Adoption details

Only dogs on the adoptable dogs page are available for adoption. If you apply for a dog before they are available for adoption, your application will be reviewed as a general adoption application. We will call you if your application is approved.

Please note: dogs may be claimed or adopted prior to website updates.

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